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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Understanding what life means at 45 Deg C

Well, just to give you a background. The author was an investment banker, and had worked in some of the poshest places on the face of the city, with the best facilities around, and without ever stepping out in the heat. Having work for 3 years in such conditions, the author had no idea of what life would FEEL like in a place with no electricity, no air conditioner. A general perception was that of difficulties galore.

DOCC - Development of corporate citizenship, goes the formal name. But this one initiative at SPJIMR goes further than just creating corporate citizenship. It goes to the extent of making one realize that things in life are difficult to come by, and that the intensity of your struggle is only a relative measure against the benchmark. You set a benchmark that you see convenient.

DOCC changes this benchmark. It takes you to unexplored shades of life itself. And in these shades, when you see how even water and hygiene are a luxury, you first feel disgusted.

This is normal, because whatever you may want to feel, you do not like what you see.

But then you see, how people still live with something like this. You imagine, have they evolved to become zombies, numb of all pain, and sense of reality? You imagine, who can survive such a thing.

As you spend time with them, you begin to understand, that how these simple folk, never complain. Their resilience continues to grow with each passing day. Do not mistake them to be passive about not improving their lot. They do have aspirations, but their aspirations are not at the mercy of their present situation. They dont give importance to what gets them to think lowly about who they are. There is enough fire in that belly, to beat the heat of the sun.

AS they take another stride to silently achieve what they desire, you begin to see, the heat can only take away their soul, it cannot take away their spirit. Lesson's like these dont come from the text book, they only come only when you experience the world at 45 deg C.

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