"No body gives a DAMN, you've gotta take it!"
...From the Movie "The Departed"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Se Sentir Bien

Se Sentir Bien = It Feels GOOD....

And it really does feel that way.. Foundation exams over... And even those who slept over the past two days, while taking their books for their pillows, will spend the night awake tonight, and this could mean either by rambling over a tele-series, or seeing a movie or 2, or playing a hard fought game of Counter strike, or FIFA, or speaking to your girl-friend, or just painting the town red.. the festivity will last till one gets to another round of exams, and then the same dreary activity of sleeping with your eyes open, (to understand more read the article posted a few days back.) begins to get replayed.

However the next few days are looking very promising, with a PG Lab and a trip to khandala summing up the festivities.. however they say too much of a good thing is a bad thing, as it makes re-transitioning difficult... :-) . But for now, let enjoy the next few days.. in the mean while a Khaulti Khabrein PG LAB Special is expected.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A sense of nostalgia

In the mean while, the CAT Notifications came out today, and, having taken the CAT 4 times to finally get though here, it feels genuinely, amazingly, astonishingly, brilliantly, sincerely, truly and pristinely GOOD... Finally you can say with your head held high... you are on the other side of the finshing line of this RAT race.

P.S : the race just got a little more tougher as more than 250K students expected to be in contention ( thanks to extensive marketting efforts of TIME, IMS, CL etc.etc.etc) for the top 10 institutes which have a (ball park maximum figure of) 2500 seats... now I know why it feels so wickedly good...

Hooked on ...

"Love, Devotion, Feeling, Emotion/ Dont be afraid to be weak/ don't be too proud to be strong / just look into your heart my friend/ and that will be the return to your self/ your return to innocence."

A beautiful song from New age world music group, Enigma, and it applies to everything that you do while you are at a B-School. You believe you are the best, till you find that there are many who are far better than what you are, however, you also find that since everything is relative, there are many who are worse of than you as well.. and thus you learn your second lesson... which is the continuation of the lyrics in the song..

If you want/ then start to laugh/If you must,/then start to cry/Be yourself dont hide/Just believe in destiny./ Dont care what people say/ Just follow your own way/ Dont give up and use the chance / To return to innocence.

Life moves on, and each one gets a chance to shine, the point is to continue to do what you do the best, and hope for the best. Because " the Harder you work, the Luckier you get."

Signing off till the end term exams get done.... wishing everyone the best of luck

Friday, July 11, 2008

We had a ball...

Some Pictures tell the story better than words.. This was surely one of the nights to remember.. and the talent on display was absolutely AMAZING... Kudos to all who made it such a memorable night..
Just on a passing note.. what stops this talent to showcase itself further.. let the shacklebolts be ripped apart.... Go Batch of 2008 - 2010 paint the town red!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sleeping with... "Eyes Wide OPEN"

This is an art form.. how can one shut of his brains completely, go in a state of in-animation, however remain to keep one's eyelids open, to give an impression of an extreme form of concentration.. to master this art form is MBA...

It starts as you learn it by practical approach to it, while in the class.. and then learn its extended approach while you start / resume your corporate careers in those dreary meetings.

The extension also invloves contributing in a non pervasive way, by nodding your head just at the right time, to give an impression that what has been spoken around is being internalised, and is being consistently reflected upon.

And just like a beer coming out of hibernation, to be its normal self, or the arctic frog coming to life after in a "dead state" from the icy arctic weather, the budding managers come out of their first lecture's Eyes wide open ritual, fresh and more interested than ever to contribute in a real way to the next lecture.. before they find that they are addicted to this process, and sleep again.. with "Eyes Wide Open"

All hail management Education......

Friday, July 4, 2008

Of surprise quizes

Fifteen days after setting foot at this place.. life has changed seems to be a hackneyed phrase.. life has changed and more than that has changed the way one reacts to changes..

When things dont remain under your control.. there is only one thing to do.. let go.. and what has to happen will happen.. either by default or by design.. and this has been the greatest learnings in the past few days..

This becomes very apparent when you have a bombshell exploding over your head when the Prof brings with himself/herself a wicked smile, and points out of the impending disaster (read surprise quiz that you have no prepartion of) about to happen to you.. and all you say is "oh f***"

You smile at your misery.. thinking how you prioritized time over surfing some stupid website.. or playing a keenly contested game of counter strike over the network, or downloading any crappy movie that you could lay your hands on.. or just wiling away your time doing pretty much nothing.. and then you realise what has to happen.. has to happen .. either by default or by design.. which means that if you have to fail.. there is nothing that can stop you...

That leads me to my second conclusion.. since no amount of studying is goona do you any good why not continue doing what we did.. hopefully this time the design favours us.. after all every dog has his day.. and every thing is relative.. even the scores you accomplish..

Apart from the business school has just begun taking its toll.. For eg.. getting used to sleeping for 5.5 hrs a day.. and not by burining the midnight oil.. but by watching that feaking stupid movie you happen to lay your hands on the P2P software overnight..

Hope some lessons are never learnt :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally a post from here....

Well finally we have a post on the blog after officially becoming SPJites. It seems after landing in Mumbai we all forgot about this place..Anyways the last 15 days here have passed away just like a breeze. It has been an amazing fortnight starting with Day Zero (16th june) till date. Classes have started with full flow and when you add to it the assignments, group works and obviously the tests you realise that the MBA "mania" is catching you..!!!

We are in the foundation course right now and it seems the stepping stones will be tough to climb, so I guess one can imagine what will happen when proper courses begin. But in any case the soldiers are out with their swords and the battle is gonna be really interesting and will definitely last for the coming two years. History tells us that there are almost no lives lost in such battles, specially when the battleground is SPJIMR, so I hope the current fight will be no different.

I will be back soon after reminding the warriors that they are supposed to pen down their experiences here, so that there are records to fill up History books...:)