"No body gives a DAMN, you've gotta take it!"
...From the Movie "The Departed"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally a post from here....

Well finally we have a post on the blog after officially becoming SPJites. It seems after landing in Mumbai we all forgot about this place..Anyways the last 15 days here have passed away just like a breeze. It has been an amazing fortnight starting with Day Zero (16th june) till date. Classes have started with full flow and when you add to it the assignments, group works and obviously the tests you realise that the MBA "mania" is catching you..!!!

We are in the foundation course right now and it seems the stepping stones will be tough to climb, so I guess one can imagine what will happen when proper courses begin. But in any case the soldiers are out with their swords and the battle is gonna be really interesting and will definitely last for the coming two years. History tells us that there are almost no lives lost in such battles, specially when the battleground is SPJIMR, so I hope the current fight will be no different.

I will be back soon after reminding the warriors that they are supposed to pen down their experiences here, so that there are records to fill up History books...:)

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