"No body gives a DAMN, you've gotta take it!"
...From the Movie "The Departed"

Friday, July 4, 2008

Of surprise quizes

Fifteen days after setting foot at this place.. life has changed seems to be a hackneyed phrase.. life has changed and more than that has changed the way one reacts to changes..

When things dont remain under your control.. there is only one thing to do.. let go.. and what has to happen will happen.. either by default or by design.. and this has been the greatest learnings in the past few days..

This becomes very apparent when you have a bombshell exploding over your head when the Prof brings with himself/herself a wicked smile, and points out of the impending disaster (read surprise quiz that you have no prepartion of) about to happen to you.. and all you say is "oh f***"

You smile at your misery.. thinking how you prioritized time over surfing some stupid website.. or playing a keenly contested game of counter strike over the network, or downloading any crappy movie that you could lay your hands on.. or just wiling away your time doing pretty much nothing.. and then you realise what has to happen.. has to happen .. either by default or by design.. which means that if you have to fail.. there is nothing that can stop you...

That leads me to my second conclusion.. since no amount of studying is goona do you any good why not continue doing what we did.. hopefully this time the design favours us.. after all every dog has his day.. and every thing is relative.. even the scores you accomplish..

Apart from the business school has just begun taking its toll.. For eg.. getting used to sleeping for 5.5 hrs a day.. and not by burining the midnight oil.. but by watching that feaking stupid movie you happen to lay your hands on the P2P software overnight..

Hope some lessons are never learnt :-)

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