"No body gives a DAMN, you've gotta take it!"
...From the Movie "The Departed"

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hello all,
So..it all begins with the arrival of the PFC E-learn module..slowly but surely the journey starts. Am sure the next 2 years will be a magical and whirlwind ride..

about myself..a capricorn (jan 2nd) born and brought up in mumbai..seeing the sights, smells and sundry other things happening every second of the day (and night) here in mumbai for the past 24 years..have already done my bachelors in management studies from Jai Hind college in mumbai..so MBA was the best bet as a post graduate study option (figured no other field would take me :) )..work ex of arnd 2.5 years..want to specialise in finance..

i just love travelling..the best way to de stress..have been fortunate to vist some wonderful places so far.. believe India has all the possible places you would ever want to visit. some unknown and hidden gems which will surely make your jaw drop....developed an interest in photography (a possible side effect of my being bitten by the travel bug)..

love reading..books can possibly offer the best companionship (i.e. if you cant get through to any of your frnds)..a way to escape reality..count agatha christie, arthur hailey, john grisham, ken follet, erle stanley gardener, tintin, alistair maclean, malcolm gladwell amongst favourites..other interesting and wonderful books i have read include iaccoca, life of pi, to kill a mocking bird, the curious incident of the dog in the night time, three men in a boat, freakonomics, fooled by randomness and banker to the poor etc..

sports and movies - this is like the daily bread and butter..ardent cricket fan..(t-20 is good timepass but give me test match cricket any day)..tennis (sharpova and ivanovic :)) - roger federer is probably the best tennis player ever but i still like to support rafael nadal..soccer and arsenal football club..formula 1..like playing cricket, tt, chess, soccer and badminton..also love playing board games and cards..movies..well have a looong list of awesome movies..maybe someday later (thank god! - most of u might be saying)

finally an ardent quizzer..as u guys must havve guessed..i really have nothin to do these days hence this long blog..apologies for the same..

so c u all very shortly and spend atleast 2 wonder years with u all..


mo! said...

even i play around with the camera a bit. :) Did u participate in IQ this year?

arjwiz said...

Finally, someone who truly admires TEST cricket! :D

Though we're going to have a tough time getting along - you won't find a bigger Man United fan than me! ;)