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Sunday, May 18, 2008

[Introduction]: Karthikeyan

This is karthikeyan selected for operations.My home town is near Coimbatore.I have done my B.E marine eng from SVCE chennai.I have been working in merchant navy and I got opportunity to visit more than 40 countries in a span of 4 years.I have visited most of the coastal European and American countries.I could realise the difference between the developed and the so called developing countries apparently.I feel India is the right place to for me to live . No one can describe the feeling when you land in your motherland.

Two important turning points in my career.First one to choose marine engineering after my +2 after scoring very good marks .Second one decided to give cat 2007 and getting selected in SPJAIN.I never expected this or even dreamt of me getting into a top bschool because during cat 2006 I was relaxing in the Caribbean Islands.Now I'm happy that my decision to give cat2007 has paid off.

Decent cat percentile and extra curriculars,very good acads (univ rank 2),excellent interviews ,work exp must have sailed me through to this level.Happy as well as anxious to meet all the elite minds at one place soon.I'm nervous once I think of Acads again and the rigorous life for 2 years ahead and it is also exciting , when I think the transformation the institution is going to bring in our lives.I wish everyone makes the best use of the opportunity and enjoy the learning.I hope our batch contributes the best to the legacy of the institute.

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