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...From the Movie "The Departed"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Season begins...

Well, it seems that the MBA season has started with "e learning" modules and with the PFC materials being on their way. Yesterday we received the mails for e learning for Financial Accounting and now I guess is the time to set foot on the court. I havent opened the course yet, just took the pre assessment test, and to my surprise I was really terrible in it, despite being from commerce background. So I guess I will need to be more serious, which unfortunately I have never been in my life..:)

For engineers, I think the real fun begins now but I am sure they will do well (Just like Federer facing Nadal on a clay court). I had never thought that I will have to study before getting to Mumbai but as it seems now, all my plans have been washed away by SP Jain. I hope we have to study less when we go there cos we are already going to study now..haha...
Ya but jokes apart I think its time to get serious ( for me this in itself is a joke) and I am sure many of us will get into that mode very soon.

So I take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the MBA season and wish them all the very best, rite from the "e learning" modules to the PFC test to the last test in SPJIMR in 2010...Enjoy the season...:)

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