"No body gives a DAMN, you've gotta take it!"
...From the Movie "The Departed"

Monday, May 19, 2008

[Introduction]: Manoj

Hi batchmates,
I am Manoj , friends call me “yum” , joining Finance.
I am from different parts of the country thanks to Dad’s frequent transfers.
I completed my Engineering from BITS- Pilani , and have been working with GE Research , Bangalore for a li’l over two years .
My hobbies include Music(All kinds) , Movies, Dramatics, MIME etc. I have been part of many Drama and Mime clubs.
I like to watch and follow various sports but have not played any of ‘em lately.
I have been to Bombay just once, for SP’s interviews, stayed there for two full days. I liked the city and specially SP’s locality and the campus ..found it very peaceful and serene.
Campus buildings seem to be pretty old and reminded me of my engg College .. I think there are few other colleges as well in the same campus.
Well ..i have no prior experience as far as Finance is concerned ..hope I will be able to cope up :)
Since Dilli’s chances to get into Semis are feeble, I am all for Mumbai Indians now. :)
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

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