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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Friends, going thru this post, I might look like am a very arrogant person , overconfident and one who loves to show off ;) but please trust me all that I say is truth and only the truth and I am not what this post gives me an image of.... Satyameva Jayathe ;)

I am just gonna tell you what fate is and explain it with my interview in SP .. Take a deep breath , its a long post :)

Was in the third list of SP jain finance , wasn't that bad in acads , extra curriculars moderate.A totally irrelevant experience(software ) for a finance course was the reason my friend in SP jain gave me for me not being selected earlier.

Had got an admit in FMS(MS) before SP interview and was 100% sure of XLRI(pmir) convert after an awesome interview(yah !! I did convert it) . This was my mindset when SP called me for the interview. A bit of anger on SP for not selecting me in 2 lists plus the confidence of a convert made me bossy ;)

Told my friends would not attend SP interview and "AM" rejecting it. Thanks to an advice from one of SPjites(my classmate in NITT) , who asked me to just give a try , told me its a very good college for finance. So I thought I shud juz attend it for the heck of it and then join FMS(paid my fee and now gonna withdraw ;)

Arrogance from my side : Didn't book my ticket as long as two days before I had to leave. So juz casually got a train ticket at last. Interview was at 10 am ( 9 was reporting time). My train was supposed to reach dadar at 7:30 am and as fate decided it reached @ 8:30 . My second trip to Mumbai made me tremble a bit , not coz I might not get into SP but thinking of frustration that I had travelled so long and may be they wud not even gimme a chance to attend the interview. Caught hold of a localite in Dadar who thankfully accompanied me till Andheri and guess what time was nine ;)

I was stinking and badly needed to take a shower but its time. Called up one of my friend who studies there and fate god blessed me when he said he is in chennai. But somehow he managed to find one of his friend who did his summers there (Krishna) and he escorted me to his hostel and I took a quick shower . No breakfast (my only sacrifice ;) and as u would expect it was close to 10 so rushed to SP jain telling him that I will meet him next year (Confidence !! No it wasn't , just a banal statement everyone makes)

Reached there at 10, people were ready for interview after registration. So me too went through the rigamorale and proceeded for interview. Awesome first interview followed by a very decent second interview guess saw me thru :)

Now all said and done, I suddenly started liking SPJ , dunno what but felt like I should study there. Was waitlisted . Oh No !! Not again , so close and yet appeared like its so far and finally the call !!! And I made my decision. SP here I come :)

From the point where I was thinking that I dont want to attend this interview , make the worst ever preparation a person can for an interview to a convert felt very sweet but I completely admit I was really foolish. But isn't that what people term FATE :)

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