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...From the Movie "The Departed"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

[Introductions]: Shankha

Hi all,

Introducing myself very late though I was the first to be invited into this blog.

I'm Shankha from Jamshedpur. I've done my B.Tech.(IT) from Inst. of Tech and Marine Engg. Kolkata. I've been quite good at extracurricular activities having represented my school at International level and winning at national level in essay writing, creative writing, quizzes, dramatics etc. I'll be joining S.P. Jain in Marketing specialization.

Getting into SP was more of a luck than something I was looking forward to. It was May 2007 and I had got 2 very good job offers from Infosys and Wipro. As all of us know, once you are placed, studies take a backseat. So, I decided, why not take a shot at CAT. I would be taking the exam afetr 2 years anyway.

I joined IMS test series as I thought that since I wasn't very serious, wasting money in classroom program would be stupidity. I applied at SP only because a family friend insisted that I do. The outcome of both CAT and SP was something which I'd never dreamt of.

So, hoping to have a great time at SP for the next 2 years with you guys.

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