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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Episode-1] What awaits us at SPJain?

SPJain is located at Andheri(West) which gives everyone something to be happy about.


3-4 multiplexes within 15 mins from SPJain. Good thing is that thursday being a holiday we can go for morning shows which means less kharcha. Anyway I am always in for Single screen theaters, so we can do some research on that later with interested fellows who think no movie deserves more than 50 Rs.


Prithvi Theatre is very close to SPJain(walking distance some say), for people from Bangalore, its an equivalent of Rangashankara, for others its a theatre which has given lots of great actors to India and is a meeting point for the best in the business. Weekly plays and Theater Fests will keep us busy.


Now we come to the point, so, apart from the pav combos(which includes vada-pav, misal-pav, anda-pav, samosa-pav, bhaaji-pav etc etc) mumbai also has a lot else to offer. Street Food to Tendulkar's restaurant to Parsi eatouts to Irani Restaurents, we will surely have a great time.

On Vada Pav's the one from near MithiBai is quite good, the bets in Mumbai they say, now for those who don't know Mithibai, its near Narsee Monjee, Vile Parle, some 15-20 mins from our place, lots of other reasons than vada-pav also to go there ;). On nightclubs and pubs I am not that knowledgeable, but have a few friends in Mumbai who are the perfect guides on this topic.


Andheri Sports Complex I hear is quite good, I remember that was the venue for Michael Jackson concert sometime in 90's when we were kids(we should have been scared Mr. Jackson then :P). Apart from that one of my friend gave quite a good feedback on that, lets hope it has a swimming pool :).


All important, Padhai awaits us :), lots of it infact in the first year. Hope we get sometime in all that to cover the above points too.

Will add up with few more things in another post later. (Upcoming items- More Food, Cultural Evenings, Bhavans)

p.s.- This information is based on author's personal experiences and narrations from his friends, almost everything of this is correct but if something is not, pardon me.


mo! said...

the vada pav at mithibai is kinda upscale. The asli raste-ke-thele-wala vada pav would be best along JP Road and Andheri station :)

arjwiz said...

I'm from Mumbai itself - actually I live 5 minutes away from the SPJ Campus (by car). Really hope we can get our cars there (though they've mentioned we'd better not).

If anyone needs anything at all, I'll be glad to help! :)