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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pre-joining thoughts

I guess all of us are having an overdose of introductions. So trying to sum up what we are going through right now in this post

It is 18 May today. Less than a month is left for us to join SPJIMR. I'm sure that all of us are feeling nervous about what will be in store for us. At the same time, all of us are eagerly looking forward to joining. For my part, in spite of my nervousness, I just can't wait to join SP.

Most people who get into SP have prior work experience. This is true for even our batch. Of the 72 people who have voted in the Orkut community, only 15 are freshers. I guess the work-ex people are enjoying their last few days in office before they get back to studies. As for freshers like me, they are getting bored sitting at home and doing nothing.

In a couple of days time, we will be getting our Pre-Foundation Course (PFC) material. It is a 30 hours course which we will have study on our own. Last year it consisted of 4 subjects viz. micro-economics, financial accounting, quantitative techniques and Introduction to IT. There will be a test within a couple of days of our joining and we will have to pass this test to continue with the program.

The institute is currently finalizing the bulk deals for laptops. Last year Toshiba Laptops (Satellite Pro) were offered and I think it was good. Don't know what's in store for us this time around.

I guess that will be all from my end. More when we get the laptop deals and PFC materials.

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