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Thursday, May 22, 2008

[Introduction]: Harish

Please Allow me to Introduce myself...

I am Harish Sridharan. I've just completed my B.Tech from Vellore Institute of Technology. I will be joining the Marketing specialisation.
About me there's really not much to say . I am a private person , kind of an introvert if you will. SP Jain was my first interview and I consider myself lucky to have got through .
What else do I say about myself ( is it just me or are most people lost for words when it comes to introductions ) ? I love reading, read anything I can get my hands on ( that's one reason why I am really excited to go to Mumbai, their second hand book markets are just superb) , love rock music and I am a devoted Arsenal fan.
I am really freaked out about going to SP Jain, I mean 4 years of engineering college have made me one of the most laziest people on the planet ( I guess that's why B-Schools prefer guys with work ex) and the horror stories of the workload during an MBA are already giving me sleepless nights. Still cant wait to start college and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone else.
CAT Percentile - 97.6
Calls - SP Jain (profile based) , MDI , IMT, SIBM
Converts - SP Jain
Blog - http://allgunsblazin.blogspot.com

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Dhairya said...

hey harish..rock music, arsenal and books!! similar tastes here..we shall support arsenal wenever they play..go gunner..