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Saturday, May 24, 2008


I got my first dope on CAT about 3 years ago. My friend and senior - lets just call her "so!" - gave me some gyaan: Don't join any class just write loads of tests. And I didn't join a class. And looking back it was a great idea! For most of my friends (who had joined classes) were finding novel ways of skipping class or trying to convince each other with stuff like 'progressions to aata hai yaar.... kal tenses ke liye jaayenge'. But the 'kal' never came. And they also had to deal with the guilt of paying 15 thousand bucks and not making the most of it!

A potent combination of laziness and procrastination meant that I wasn't writing too many tests. Actually, I wasn't writing any till the test series started. And IMS, TIME etc. didn't have test series beginning a year in advance..... so what could poor li'l me do about that!

Soon the CAT came along, screechin' et al (what with the newspapers going bonkers with all the hype and hoopla!), and before I could say MEOW it was over! This was followed by loads of feline analysis which put my score around 98. (In this respect TIME was the best - they predicted a couple of IIM calls for me :)) Hmmm.... that sounded high enough!

But along came "so!" and it was time for a reality check. SPJIMR was my best chance, so! she said ;) And for once I had the horse sense to fill up the SPJIMR form. Moral of the story: Don't join a class, write lots of tests and listen to your seniors ;)

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