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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The journey so far.....

I never really thought i'd make it to sp jain, the reason .. very simple"I'am a fresher" , that's what my course director and all my cousins told me... "don 've hopes on it", so i didn't even bother to aplly till after giving CAT.

17th nov: Madam's 21 st birthday, she couln enjoy it with her friends nor could she be relaxed , but she watched a lot of Tv cause it happened to be the D day for the finalists of a reality show!! She wished her room mate , who also happened to be taking CAT a good night's sleep and settled down by her bed!! hours ticked away, not a minute of sleep, tension seemed to be groping up .Friends came in , tried to comfort her but no sign of improvement till around 3 am when the whole hostel was sleeping but for her!! no one knows when she dozed off but she woke up at 6 am sharp!!

18th nov: "Mom, i've never slept for less than 6 hours a day ?? how'll i write the exam ?? " .She knew no amount of screeching and screaming would help her out,it was a day she was looking forward to for close to two years then with so much of expectations from friends and well wishers.All seemed to be going well till about an hour before the exam when she began to solve the verbal section . Confusion everwhere :) She came back to hostel , not answering the phone calls of her friends who were competitors for the day.She kept on checking the website hoping that the cat would jump across to the right side of the wall!!

19th nov: The final examination of the 7th semester, not a word was read , but a lot of stories heard from friends around.That is what friends are for!!She left the exam hall in 2 hours , as she was leaving for her home , the very night and had loads to pack!!:)

post the 3 hectic days: Still glued to her computer , distressed at thinking what might happen , her mom gave her , her visa card asking her to apply to SP jain , comforting her that they accept XAT too. "How on earth do you expect to fetch yourself a call if the short listing was to be profile based , with no work expericence, you're kidding yourself", is what she thought, She wasn't even careful with what she filled, she was sure that she'd be rejected!!
But they say all are destined to be what they are!! She began to believe in this after having received a call for the interview, but then she knew that 1 in 10 will 've the opportunity and that the others 'll ve to return empty handed!! The interviews went on well, she had a ray of hope , but she believes in preparing for the worst, and so she did !!
Mid april , on the eve of her final project viva, she received a call from her mother that she'd made it to spjain ,she thanked her mother cause it was because of her that all had happened and yeah of course to the XAT scores :) !!
This is my first lesson in life, Don' build castles in air, Allow things to happen as and when it happens,there's nothing wrong in planning, but don' expect things to go by your plans, believe in the "UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE" !!
... to be contd.,

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