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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking forward to SP Jain ..

I'm into Marketing @ SPJ ..
i 've worked with C.S.C india on SAP ABAP for around 2 years.. yep its technical and i am an engineer again :) from BIT MESRA '06 batch with a BE in ECE.

Many of my friends , and till some time recently even i used to think that its almost impossible to get an interview call from SP Jain and then even more tough to finally convert it .. even after getting through im still not sure of what works for it and what will not .. hence i feel lucky to be in with u guys .. ! ;)

Im just looking forward for the MBA experience which i have been waiting for some time now .. and also the MUMBAI factor .. i've visited mumbai only twice ( once for the interview ) .

I just read an interesting snippet abt SP Jain - Mr Shreyans Prasad Jain that he belongs to the sahu jain community - owner of the Times group .. who have instituted the Jnanpeeth award , Bhartiya Jnanpeeth, and also various awards like the Miss India , Filmfare etc ...

Waiting for Day 1 @ SPJ for next post .. till then rock on ..

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