"No body gives a DAMN, you've gotta take it!"
...From the Movie "The Departed"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Passing thoughts..

I am really elated to see the excitement and enthusiasm with which we guys are participating in myriad of discussions on orkut and slowly on this blog as well. Sense of co-operations is just stunning. Just feels nice to see people clicking those radio buttons and check boxes in here and also writing away their thoughts to glory! Already feeling a sense of dejavu seeing people's percentiles in CAT in year X Y and Z and their interview experience in here or on their own blog, although its not very long ago when I was also juggling with this cruel game of numbers and the act of balancing them between different damn sections. But all that is history now. At least for all of us in all probability! What lies ahead promises to be a sweet (read sweat) challenge, a change in perspective (as one of the seniors at SP told me) and loads of fun. So till the time you set your foot beside the lake, let those joining thoughts and 'are you single?' comments pour in..

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